PocketMusic Player

PocketMusic Player for Smartphone 2.2

Turn your Smartphone into a powerful music player


  • Lots of player options
  • Playlist support
  • Alarms and sleep timer


  • Not skinnable
  • No help system


Since the introduction of the iPhone into popular culture, it seems today that if you haven't got a decent music player on your mobile, you're a bit of a dork.

That's bad news for anyone with a Windows Mobile device, because the built-in version of Windows Media Player is looking a bit long-in-the-tooth now. Fear not though, because with the PocketMusic Player Bundle, you can replace the default audio player with something altogether cooler.

PocketMusic on the Pocket PC impressed me a lot, and while this Smartphone version of the program is s a somewhat scaled-down release, it still provides more great functionality than you get with WMP and handles a range of formats, including MP3, Ogg and WMA.

The player interface itself is tidy enough and besides the basic playback controls you get one-click access to the EQ, power bass and shuffle modes. Unfortunately, unlike the Pocket PC version, you can't apply a Winamp skin to the interface, which, I guess is due to the size constraints of most Smartphone screens.

Explore the menu system and you'll uncover a huge array of options for organising playlists, bookmarking music, setting alarms and sleep timers, and much more.

It's going to take a few more updates before this version of PocketMusic is as polished as its Pocket PC-based cousin, but it's still a better option than Windows Media Player, in my opinion.

PocketMusic Bundle - MP3, OGG, WMA Player for Smartphones with Winamp skins support, Playlist Organizer, Bookmark features, and more. PocketMusic will turn your Windows Powered Smartphone into a great portable music player.

Key features include:

  • MP3, OGG Vobis, MP1, MP2 support
  • WMA playback (Windows Mobile 2003 or later required) with 10-band equalizer (Equalizer requires CPU operating at 200 MHz or more)
  • Advanced Playlist Editor
  • Automatic playback pause on incoming calls
  • HTTP streaming audio support for MP3 and OGG internet radio broadcast. Title streaming also supported (ShoutCast, IceCast)
  • Hardware keys mapping options
  • PocketMusic
  • Crossfading and Gapless playback
  • 10-band equalizer
  • PocketMusic
  • Alarm feature – wake up to your favorite music!
  • Sleep timer (stop playback after specified time)
  • 18 presets for equalizer (Dance, Headphones, Live, Pop, Rock, others)
  • Extra-Bass feature
  • Bookmark feature (support for audiobooks, recordered radio programs, DJ sets, etc)
  • PocketMusic
  • "Local content loading from specified folder" option
  • Adjustable fast forward/rewind speed
  • Various repeat and shuffle modes

PocketMusic Player


PocketMusic Player for Smartphone 2.2

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